IndyCar iRacing Series

This season-long championship will closely follow the IndyCar schedule as of April 15, 2020 while including most events prior to the June restart date.

Timeslot #1 – Thursday 01:00 GMT
Timeslot #2 – Friday 20:00 GMT
Timeslot #3 – Saturday 13:00 GMT
Timeslot #4 – Sunday 18:00 GMT
Timeslot #5 – Monday 1:00 GMT

Schedule: See attached

Drops: 3

License – D 4.0 Road

Setups: Open

Qualifying: attached

Warmup: 3 Minutes

Qualifying: 8 Minutes

Splits By: iRating

Weather: Dynamic
(Please note that the 2 Indy Oval events were moved to afternoon due to community feedback regarding high track temps)

Penalty: 17 incs/ every 8 incs after

Field Size: 28

Cars & Class:
Dallara IR18

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